Alpha DAO Calls pitch sale

Promote our products below to earn a commission - 0.1 For Each Call
Don't waste your money on ghost channels 😉 We are the first DAO channel of KOLs that guarantees a return on your marketing investment
Meet our group before hiring: 🐃
🟢 Real audience 🟢 Og crypto members 🟢 Video explainers, AMA hosting and crypto tutorials 🟢 Mastermind group of crypto investors who contribute ideas for maximum growth
$50k + Raised 💎
Fixed call price: 0.35 Ethereum
This includes
  1. 1.
    Pinned call + Updates
  2. 2.
    Original ArtWork
  3. 3.
    Alphas interaction on X
  4. 4.
    Buy back your token and locked on treasure ( we buy back 0.1 ETH)
  5. 5.
    Interview on closed group
🔥 New
@Buytrend Partnership 🤝
Now you can win a FREE trend for 12 hours.
Just add our @buytrend_bot to your channel and ask your community to register to be eligible for rewards paid by us!
📊 BuyTrend group have registered members to show the tvl for project creators before they decide to pay a call. Phase = MVP
📊Fomo manager: Make competitions with BuyTrend to increase your Vol + Raid X contest to burn your token or paid raiders = Underdevelopment
📣 Exclusive AMA + 0.25 Ethereum