Why you should hold $XFBOT?

Everyone knows $XFBOT, a token from our DAO that will govern all products developed within the organization as a dividend tracker, right? In the last 4 months, we have strengthened our products, some of which have gained prominence, including for you, $XFBOT holder. Currently, we own:

  • Marketing agency: Alpha DAO Calls - 33% Revenue share for holders

  • Infrastructure: BuyTrend_bot Buy / Trend Data - 10% Revenue share for holders (Beta)

  • Token Launcher - % for each new contract created (Rebuilding)

  • Venture DAO: For seed and private rounds opportunities based on tier (live) $XFBOT - A NEW UTILITY HAS EMERGED!

Alpha DAO Calls has grown exponentially in the last 4 months since its creation, raising thousands of dollars for projects through an organic growth strategy and valuable members.

Proof of fundraising + Feedbacks : https://t.me/+VAFWs_fBub42NjFk

Now, as a $XFBOT holder, you will have the right to lifelong free calls based on your holding level. By having access to the ALPHA DAO CALLS channel as a holder, you become a valuable investor for any project you are part of. If you are a project developer, you will have a lifelong channel to promote your project. Where we are listed: 1. Call analyser Bot: https://t.me/CallAnalyser 2. Pinksale: https://docs.pinksale.finance/important/amas-+-calls-telegram

Holding Levels:

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